Male Goldendoodle born 23/11/2020

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This Lovely lad has come back to warmscombe after a change in circumstances with the home he was placed in as a puppy, He is such a lovely boy and is almost perfect in every way but he does need someone who can understand a couple of things.


After some time evaluating him for myself it has become apparent that he can be very wary of men he doesn’t know, I witnessed him being no bother with his male owner so I think this is more a socialisation thing so not something that would be hard to fix within a home however if he is to go to a home with a male present I would need to know you are fully understanding that it may take some time to create a bond with him and he isn’t to be rushed. I would prefer if he could go local so I could let him go with a couple of sessions included with a behaviourist I have work with my dogs on the weekends as I really think it would benefit both the dog and you as a potential owner for him.


I am told he’s great with kids so I wouldn’t rule them out if abit older and have understanding of dogs as sometimes going from one home to another can be quite daunting on a young dog so young children may be abit too overwhelming for him at this time but for instance if you have grandchildren who come to visit I wouldn’t be concerned about that as he has come from a home with young children who he has loved to bits.


The reason for advertising him in this way is because I really want to see him go to the right home where he can settle in. he can very quickly get a upset tummy under stress he seems to be getting along with hills dog food but if you should want to change this I suggest you find out if he has a intolerance before changing his food. So far from trial and error he seems to get upset when fed grain so I would imagine that is the main source of his issue, I am myself currently looking into getting him intolerance tested.

  • He is from Kc registered parents with his mum being a Golden retriever and Dad being a miniature poodle.
  • He is up to date with worming, flea treatment and vaccinations.
  • He has had a number of training sessions throughout his life and is a quick learner, very food orientated so will do most things for a biscuit!!
  • He comes with his original puppy pack, a crate to sleep in as he is crate trained though this can be left open he is good at asking to go out to go toilet. Seems to get on with other dogs though can be a little shy to start with. Loves a woman owner the most he seems to really attach himself to any girls/woman he sees so I think a home with a female would be best suited for him.
  • He does still have his balls as he’s still under 1yo and most vets and trainers do prefer males to be over 1yo before castrating.

If you have made it this far reading all the above then your onto a good start and I would love to find out a bit more about the home you would have to offer for this lovely lad.

Kindly fill out the questions on the application form I will start going through all applications received on the evening of 14/07/2021 And be in contact with everyone when a home has been chosen. I understand when getting a older dog sometimes things don’t work out so although I would sooner him go to a forever home you must not feel embarrassed to say its not working I would sooner him come back and go to someone else that has a suitable home than him be sold on or given to a dogs home.

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