Welcome to our website!

Here at Warmscombe we pride ourselves in the work we do with our animals and breed from healthy well tempered dogs. 

We Mainly breed Golden retrievers and Spaniels but we also cross some over with the poodle for Goldendoodles,  Cockapoos + Sprockerpoos.

(on occasion I do have the odd litter from different breeds but these aren’t as often so to go on a waiting list for them its best to follow the facebook page and get in contact when you see a post about them being born ) 

   The website isn’t as regularly updated with posts as our Facebook page so for regular updates (pupdates) follow the Facebook link

On this website you will find application forms to express your interest in the pups we breed, by filling out these applications it helps you jump the que as I will always work through the application forms before putting up any formal adverts, I do post photos and videos when pups are born but before advertising I will contact those that have applied giving that the pups are within their affordability. Please be aware that I may not contact you as soon as you have filled out an application form but rest assured I will be in touch to tell you of a litter on the way or a litter that has arrived when the time comes, By providing as much information about yourself and your family as you can on the application form really helps me when choosing future owners for the pups I breed. If you don’t hear back from me feel free to pop me an email to check your form has got to me ok however normally it is purely because I do get a lot of applications in for some breeds so it can take a little while to work through and message everyone. 

Puppy prices can go up and down throughout the year and they tend to remain at the average going market price for a health tested pup so please be aware that on the description I try to put a Guide price but that is subject to change.  

All Warmscombe puppies come with an extensive puppy pack and access to advice for the rest of the dogs life. I have a Facebook group for those that have purchased pups from me over the years which is a fantastic place to share photos, training tips or questions and to stay in touch with others who have siblings. I am also available to message privately with any questions that you don’t wish to publicly post.

The Puppy pack also includes:

  • breeding information (family tree)
  • parents health test certificates (photocopys) 
  • puppies microchip details
  • 4-5 weeks pet insurance 
  • Puppy socialisation plan
  • puppy care (what worming treatment pup has had, what flea treatment and tips on toilet training and settling the pup into their new home) 
  • vaccination card with info of first vaccination they will have had.
  • vet check certificate
  • kc papers if registered 
  • All about worms…. (really helpful print out explaining what worms and parasites pups can get and how to treat them and how often you will need to worm your pup). 
  • Training advice print out. (crate training, toilet training, socialisation, how to tell the warning signs before a dog bites and what to do to prevent it).
  • feeding guidance 
  • All in a tidy folder with a photo of mum and dad and the puppies basic details printed on the front. 
  • a small bag of food or discounted large bag (15kg) for £20.
  • a scent blanket (smelling of mum and other litter mates) 
  • pro biotics to help settle tummy when moving home.
  • worming course to give at 10 weeks.